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Dearest Father


Dearest Father


Dearest father! You are so enfeebled      Though a winelit soul
Dearest father


So enfeebled he is

No longer hale and hearty

He stops breathing from time to time

He whispers the inconvenient truth approaching to his heart

He senses everything

Murmurs prayers faintly from time to time

Fatal freindlessness and fear, forcefully

Inspire death dread to him

Dearest father.........

No strength in the feet to walk

No power in the hands to take

No vigor in the tongue to talk

No, no, to fall asleep? He does not feel like 

Dearest father........... 

Ears hardly hear

Eyes are of no sight but insight 

No, … he has no words to say

Or if he does

No other ear to hear

No other liveliness and loftiness 

There is no help at this time,

Dearest father..........!

Eye has seen another insight

Body amalgamates into soul

Little by little

Drops of tears become words

With few, love and affection is explained

He sighs from the depth of his heart

Tears roll down his rose cheeks

Love shines from his eyes and look

Looking expected at the door

He falls asleep … Dearest father! …

And in his dream, he sees, not in a long time


His rose cheeks droop in fall

I wish my heart turned into stone

I wish I could harrow my heavy heart

I wish this never happened

Oh, how colorless is this war

It is so frightening

Everywhere has decay color


The whole road overburdened

The whole life absurd


Behind this dark and rocky road

How lonely was this simple and colorless heart

Perhaps this is the last tale,


The black soil tale, our last in love tale

The poignant tale of Genesis

Negligence the beginning, middle, and the end

Oh father, why should I see your sad face

Why should I see you choked with faultless loneliness

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